New blogs on the Block – September 18th 2006

Betty the Sheep.

The Green Ribbon. News, opinion and analysis from London Irish journalist Tom Griffin.

McGarr Solicitors have a blog. Cool idea. If law is coll to you.

Brian’s blog – What a great url!


  1. Joe says:

    Also, for the week that’s in it, check out our own blog on all things to do with the Ryder Cup on



  2. says:

    looked in vain for a contact address but couldn’t see one, so here goes:
    another new irish blog: – the irish beauty blog.

  3. The Skanger says:

    And if you fancy a bit of a laugh at the expense of those in Irish public life then check out (especially the pictures). Have fun.

  4. EWI says:

    The Green Ribbon.

    …which has been around for a fairly long time, longer than most out there iirc.

  5. The Blog Pro says:

    Ok! shameless self promotion – A bit about blogging and stuff….


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