Drinks are on…

Peter Donegan

Thanks to some last minute interventions by the badboy of Irish Landscaping, Peter Donegan, two companies have come forward to sponsor the drinks reception that will be held before the Awards ceremony on Saturday.

Thanks to Atfar Construction:
Atfar Construction

and Priority Engineering:
Priority Engineering

5 Responses to “Drinks are on…”

  1. ‘the badboy….’ love it!

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  3. Aidan Stell says:

    Thanks Peter for all the help!!! and yeah whats new , drinks are on me (did i not by the first round!!!!)

  4. A Chara Aido,

    you’re welcome mate?!! ….now you’re buying all the rounds!! lol ;)

    now, where’s that John fella…?

  5. Stretch says:

    Fair play to ye lads – I’ll be thinking of ye on my first drink tomorrow night ;)