Get Shorty – Web Awards Shortlists

Congratulations to everyone that reached the shortlist. Thank you to all the judges for their amazing work. Apart from a few exceptions, the shortlists are groups of 5.

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The categories An Suíomh Gaeilge is Fearr sponsored by Edgecast Media, Most Accessible Website sponsored by iQContent and Best New Web Application/Service Sponsored by InterTradeIreland’s SeedCorn Competition will be announced later in the week.

Best Online Publication – Sponsored by Red Cardinal

Best Radio Website – Sponsored by IGOPeople

Best Podcaster – Sponsored by Irish Mortgage Brokers

Best Videocaster – Sponsored by eType Ireland

Best Sports Site – Sponsored by

Best Music Site – Sponsored by

Best Entertainment Website – Sponsored by

Best Technology Site – Sponsored by BH Consulting

Most Innovative Website – Sponsored by iQ content

Best Discussion forum – Sponsored by Brand Ignite

Best Government Website – Sponsored by Interactive Return

Best Council Website- awaiting a sponsor

Best Third Level Website – sponsored by the Irish Computer Society

Best Education Website – awaiting a sponsor

Best eCommerce / Services Website – Sponsored by Cybercom

Best Practice – Sponsored by Lightbox Multimedia

Most Useful Website in Ireland – Sponsored by

Most Beautiful Website in Ireland – Sponsored by

Register to attend the Awards. Avail of the hotel deals.

33 Responses to “Get Shorty – Web Awards Shortlists”

  1. [...] 23, 2008 · No Comments Oh my. I think I need to sit down. Pixenate has been shortlisted in the category of ‘Most Innovative Website’ for the inaugural Irish Web Awards. [...]

  2. [...] was longlisted in two categories, but shortlisted in the one I least expected, Best Discussion Forum. Not sure we have a hope against the likes of [...]

  3. Mechelle Loughrey says:

    What happened that Mad Dog site in most beautiful website? It was amazing and wasn’t shortlisted – Flowers Made Easy (WTF?) made it and Mad Dog didn’t – who picked the shortlist? I guess design is objective but WTF?

  4. Damien says:

    Are you an employee of Mad Dog Multimedia Mechelle? You’re coming along with their employees on the night I note. It would have been a bit more transparent to point that out. Your “what the fuck” comments about a site that’s been shortlisted are very very unprofessional and go completely against the spirit of these Awards.

  5. [...] been shortlisted for the Irish Web Awards. It’s none other than the beautiful Kanchi – in the Most Beautiful Website in Ireland category. And we’re still waiting to see if it appears in the shortlist for Most Accessible [...]

  6. [...] shortlist was announced earlier today. We didn’t make it Irish Web Awards – Fall in love with the Web again Blog Archive Get Shorty – Moviestar…. __________________ Hosting & Domains|Plesk Vps Hosting|Blog [...]

  7. Ken Stanley says:

    @Mechelle Loughrey – to be fair, the Mad Dog site isn’t my cup of tea. The Papervision3D implementation (I’m assuming that’s what was used) is very poor in comparison to a lot of the sites using this new engine. Creatively, the site is very basic, a little over the top on the 3D and with a slightly disjointed layout. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a go at anyone – it’s a good effort but certainly not something I would consider to be award-worthy.

    At least Mad Dog is still in contention for the ‘Best Practice’ award which, quite frankly, I find completely baffling. I assumed best practice constituted adherance to Web standards, accessiblility guidelines, progressive enhancement and such things. Mad Dog obviously shouldn’t even be in contention. Again, don’t get me wrong – I work with Flash a lot myself but I woudn’t expect any all-Flash site I’ve built to win a ‘best practice’ or ‘accessiblity’ award!

  8. Darragh says:

    Congratulations to everyone nominated. I look forward to seeing people there on the night :)

  9. Mechelle Loughrey says:

    The comments were tongue in cheek-no offense intended to any of the websites shortlisted.. I’m not an employee of Mad Dog multimedia-just a friend of someone who works there and was excited about the awards and the prospect of my friends winning something.. opps I’m in trouble now and probably wont be brought at all !!

  10. [...] found out last night that our podcasts were shortlisted for The Irish Web Awards in Best Podcast category. That’s exciting! Luckily enough, we were due to record this anyway. [...]

  11. TUG says:

    Have to say, I’m disappointed irishpropertywatch didn’t make into the most useful website shortlist, I thought that was a shoe-in to win given all that it has done… I’d certainly have put it ahead of Met Eireann and The Irish Times anyway…

  12. [...] of my babies (can I call them that if I’m *that* close to them?) have been shortlisted at the 2008 Irish Web [...]

  13. [...] shortlist for the award for the Best Technology Website in the Irish Web Awards, which BH [...]

  14. j says:

    the link to TCD is not working properly!

  15. [...] Somehow or other, this blog has made the shortlist for “Best Technology Site” at the Irish Web Awards 2008, up against TechCentral, Silicon Republic, Camara, and Robin Blandford’s ByteSurgery blog. I [...]

  16. So when’s the hotly awaited shortlist for Most Accessible Site coming out??

  17. Goodness! We are delighted to be shortlisted in the Third Level section.

    We went out on a bit of a limb with the Access site (and we’re still not entirely sure how many of the institutions guidelines we’ve, ahem, modified), but hopefully this exposure will alert people to not only the services, but also the whole 2.0 goodness.

    Congrats to all shortlisted!

  18. Peter's Blog says:

    ZuluNotes Shortlisted for a Web Award!…

    My website,, has been short listed for and Irish Web Award! The website is the first (and only!) proper website I’ve created. I built it when I was in final year of college, trying to do……

  19. [...] is shortlisted for “Best Discussion Forum” in the Irish Web Award… (yay, thanks to everyone who nominated us!) [...]

  20. [...] subscribe to my RSS feed. Click here to find out what an RSS feed is. Thanks for visiting, Phil!The Irish Web Awards shortlist is out. To attend, fill in the registration form, places are filling up [...]

  21. [...] 27 09 2008 The Kanchi website, which I did some video work on, is shortlisted for the Most Beautiful Website in Ireland in the Irish Web Awards. It might also be nominated for the Most Accessible Site – we’re [...]

  22. [...] Irish Web Awards shortlist announced [...]

  23. [...] me that TweetRush (A implementation of Rush Hour based on Twitter data) had been nominated for an Irish Web Award. The guys and myself feel really honoured to be nominated and shortlisted for the awards and hope [...]

  24. When is the Most Accessible coming out?

  25. [...] I had made the long list for the Irish Web Awards, and I am extremely flattered to have made the short list in both categories.  Looking forward to a great (and affordable, unlike some awards!!!) night in [...]

  26. MJ says:

    I’m really glad to see this, I think it’s a really good initiative for Irish web design. Just one question however…I work for a non-profit and am wondering why there’s no category for NGOs and charities?

  27. Damien says:

    Doubt there will be a shortlist. Sites are still being judged until next week. The winner will be announced on the night.

  28. [...] a fine music magazine. Our time was well spent though, launching a new look website (nominated for Irish music site of the year by the way) and working on a plan of action that would enable us to get State to as many people as [...]

  29. [...] of work, our experimental little groovy website is up for Best Third Level Site Award this weekend in the Irish Web Awards. One is rather chuffed as we are up against the entire sites [...]

  30. Howard Bones says:

    Many congratulations to you all – a job well done

  31. [...] lots of events organized by bloggers around the country each year including (in Ireland) connector, IWA, Techludd, Open Coffee, Irish Blog awards etc. Bloggers usually hold meet-ups and dinners around [...]

  32. Hi –

    I wondered if you had any information on the 2010 awards as I would like to submit our websites – /

    Many thanks,

    David McCarthy