For the 300 people coming along to the Web Awards

In case you missed the email, here’s the lowdown on the evening:

Thank you for registering for the Irish Web Awards which takes place on October 11th in the Radisson SAS Hotel on Golden Lane (the one behind Dublin Castle). You can keep up to date with the Awards via our blog: Yes, this is a mass email, apologies for the lack of personalisation.

This is the first year of the Web Awards and we’re delighted with the feedback from people so far. It already looks like we have a sold-out show. Doors open at 7pm and you can pay at the door and we’ll check your name against the list of those that signed up. There’s a drinks reception for everyone until 8pm and the bar is open until the Awards presentation starts.

Rick O’Shea will take to the stage at 8pm sharp and will go on until perhaps 10pm depending on how long the speeches are. Yes! There are speeches. We like speeches whether prepared or bumbled through and those that are getting a piece of glass for their hard work should be given the opportunity to say thank you to everyone too. You can read a poem or sing a song too, once it’s two verses at most.

After the Awards presentations we’ll have some food outside for everyone and we have a DJ and bar extension until 2am. For those that think they’re talented at designing sites and look good on the dance floor then you’ll be able to prove it on the night. And relive it forever when your friends upload the pics to Facebook.

The event is theatre style, meaning no tables, just seats and it is informal too so come along in a tux if you like but you’ll be one of very few. The aim of the evening is to celebrate the whole of the Irish Web Community and clap that bit extra for the winners. We encourage everyone to meet as many new faces as they can and network until your head explodes with all the names you’ll never remember. Yes, you can bring banners and pretend you’re on Winning Streak. No, Rick is not at all like Derek Mooney.

We’ve done our best to make the judging of the Awards fair and transparent after getting as much feedback as we can from the Web Community and this event is for you, not to boost the coffers of an organisation or a business. If it works out on the night we hope to make this an annual event. Best of luck to all those shortlisted.

See you on the night!

Damien on behalf of all those working hard behind the scenes.

3 Responses to “For the 300 people coming along to the Web Awards”

  1. All at NUIM Access are painting our banners and auditioning our stuffed toys as we speak. Should be fun!

  2. Any idea anyone as to the publication of the Irish language site – an suíomh Gaeilge is fearr – shortlist? It was mentioned on a previous post that it would be sometime last week – but it’s still to make its appearance. Or is it somewhere around here and I haven’t noticed it?

  3. Lee says:

    Sounds like a good night but unfortunately I’ll not be back from FOWA in time. Good luck to all the entrants!