Day 4: Coverage so far

Quite happy with the coverage so far. Irish Times covered the launch of the Awards on Friday and there was a small mention in the Sunday Business Post today too. Then online there’s been massive coverage from at least 15 blogs and websites and probably more we’ve not spotted.

Red Death
Photo owned by txberiu (cc)

People are also asking about ways of contributing a small amount of money towards running the show outside of headline and category sponsorship. Right now there are no other routes to do this and it might stay that way. Instead we’d appreciate you spreading the word via blog, Facebook, Bebo and good ole reliable email. The more people that know about the Awards and submit their work, the more diverse the submissions will be and the better the Awards will be.

One Response to “Day 4: Coverage so far”

  1. Gordon says:

    By way of a contribution, perhaps someone could order 100 Moo mini business cards with the new logo on them to spread the word.