Day 3: Nominations are now open

You can now nominate your website. Right now only the creators/builders/owners of websites can nominate their own creations. (Depending on feedback we may open it to everyone) If you are a fan of a site then encourage the owner to take pride in their work and nominate themselves. They have 12 days to do so.

Some people are nominating their blogs which is fair enough but please do realise that a blog is at a disadvantage if you look at the scorecard. Fantastic content might win the day though…

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5 Responses to “Day 3: Nominations are now open”

  1. Kevin Cannon says:

    You should really allow people to nominate other people’s sites.

    I can think of plenty of sites that deserve nomination in some of those categories, but I’d be surprised if the owner or designer would nominate themselves.

    If you allow anyone to nominate, you’ll get a much higher calibre of entry overall.

  2. Merrill says:

    Blogs should be a sub category of the Web Awards. I know you organise a separate blog awards event, but it dont think it makes any sense.

  3. Dan says:

    Got to agree with Merrill on this one. Why not roll it into one?

  4. Kevin Cannon says:

    It’s probably becuse blogs are a whole other niche, and the audience doens’t neccessarily overlap. I would have no interest in blogs awards, but would be quite interested in general Web Awards.

  5. Brian Whelan says:

    My website is a kind of a home made website of not the greatest quality but the content is valuable.
    Love to hear comments.