The final lap – Blog Awards 2011

So here’s the lowdown for March 19th in the Europa Hotel.

Tickets on sale here until Friday evening.

Doors are at 7pm, event kicks off at 8pm. Attire is informal. The awards ceremony ends at 10:30 and then a DJ takes over. We keep partying until we get kicked out. @Rickoshea is your host and has been doing this without a fee for the past 6 years, give him a follow and clap at his antics.

Each category is called out, winner announced. Comes to the stage and can give a thank you speech. Tears, tantrums and dancing is allowed in a thank you speech. We’ve also had song. All are welcome.

After winning you come off the stage and get your official photo taken with the category sponsor.

Other bits:
WiFi is provided by BT. We can give you vouchers at the door.
The official account for the Blog Awards is @IrishBlogAwards
Hashtag is #iba11
The Shhmooze networking app will be at the event. Download for iPhone if you want to use it.

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