Doing things a little differently – Judging the Web Application Category

The New Application/Service Category for the Web Awards contains some amazing homegrown talent and who better to judge this category than the people nominated in this category?

All the companies will be emailed and asked to rate their competitors and send them on to the Web Awards organisers. These ratings will be added to the scores given by the judges and the shortlistees will then be calculated from these scores.


2 Responses to “Doing things a little differently – Judging the Web Application Category”

  1. [...] I just read on the blog that Damien is doing something quite unique with our category. He’s getting us to judge all the other nominees in our category, which will then be added to the other judges scores before the final short list is announced. A [...]

  2. I’m pleased that my site is nominated for the Best Irish Language Site award. It’s great that igaeilge, a lowly blog, is there among sites of the major Irish language organisations which have cost a great deal more to produce and which are state funded.

    I have adapted the IWA logo for use on my site – and have translated it into Irish. However I would appreciate it, if it’s possible, if the designer who designed the original could make an original Irish language version of the IWA logo available with the same fonts etc as the English language logo….