Day 6: Now you can nominate any website

We’ve listened to your feedback and you’ve said you want to nominate more than just your own website. So now you can.  Web Awards nomination form.

6 Responses to “Day 6: Now you can nominate any website”

  1. Enquirer says:

    So when does nominations close

  2. Laura says:


    When do nominations close?


  3. Dara Burke says:

    Plus++ to the comments above. Guys you need a big badge on the front page with “X days left” to put the wind up people and move the web awards from the “Something I meant to get around to doing” column to the “Something I did” column.

    Also, I don’t understand why there isn’t an Open Source Category ? People who write software and release it open source should be given as much encouragement as possible, and an award showcase such as this one would be a perfect platform to give the OS community in Ireland a boost …


  4. Dara Burke says:

    Also, I don’t see any email address on the site ?

    Do you read these comments ?

  5. Damien says: