Day 2: This whole transparency thing – Our Costs

Given the Irish Web Awards are talking about transparency and the like, I thought I’d share some of the cost of running an awards event. These are costs encountered so far and more costs will creep in the closer we get to the event and the fancier we make it.

  • Room and Food Rental of the room that holds around 300 people and some finger food for them costs around 10k.
  • Booze – You have to have some wine or orange juice with the finger food. Still not sure how much that’s going to cost but I’m guessing four figures.
  • MC – I’m not going to disclose what I’m paying Rick but it’s shit to be honest and he’s doing this more as he’s a friend and wants to help out on year one. Honestly, man of the year in my books.
  • Audio/Visual/Graphics/Video – Budgeting about 3k on this at the moment.
  • Bedrooms – About 1k to pay for rooms for the helpers on the night.
  • Advertising – Not a bloody chance. :)
  • They’re most of the costs and that’s not including decorations. So that’s about €20k.

    Photo owned by tuppus (cc)

    That’s the massively el cheapo version of running an Awards show. Can you imagine the costs of a bigger room, more people and having a sit-down dinner? Throw in providing rooms for ALL your judges and staff. The costs visciously add up.

    If we can keep costs down it means we can pass all those savings on to those entering, sponsoring and attending. Thus free nominations and 30 quid to put your bum on a seat.

    9 Responses to “Day 2: This whole transparency thing – Our Costs”

    1. Matt says:

      How do you put forward a website for nomination?

    2. Darren says:

      Fair play, Damien. That’s some feat. Best of luck with it all.

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    4. Fireglo says:

      Best Of Luck. I’ll try to make it.

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    6. Susan says:

      Good God.
      It’s like getting married every year.
      (oo, oo, can I help tie the streamers??)

      Does the A/V/G/V budget include a printed event programme that people can buy advertising in, or a line of support? Because I wouldn’t mind buying advertising space for a project near to my heart.

      Anyhow, when you feel a nervous breakdown coming on, I have prescription pills for that sort of thing: just shout.

    7. good luck with the awards damien and look forward to seeing you on the night (lest i forget to tell you in person :-)


    8. Ciara Feely says:

      Well done on all the organisation Damien, along with your many other projects! Looking forward to the night. And as a start up company appreciate your refreshing approach to the cost of the night.

    9. Damien says:

      @Matt – See the nominations page

      @Darren @Fireglo Thanks

      @Susan The only people who read the programmes are those who put money into them. There won’t be any programmes and I’m going to try and stick to the plan of only having “Angel Sponsors”. Blog post on Angel Sponsors tomorrow.

      @Keith Cheers and thanks for the Blog Post

      @Ciara Thanks Ciara and thanks for finding the location!