Day 1, Screw up 1 – There is a charge for tickets

I seem to have cocked up the communications on this one already. There is a charge on the door to get into the Awards on October 11th. A ticket for the event is €30. Apologies for the misconception it was free.

The tickets are that price for three reasons:
(i) People attach more value to something that charges them, even if it’s small
(ii) It prevents messers or others from block booking 100 tickets etc.
(iii) Headliner and Category sponsorship don’t cover all costs. It had been considered to raise category costs higher (they currently stand at €450) but this is the max we think an SME can and should pay and we want SMEs to be sponsors.

So sorry to Ken, Michele and everyone else that thought tickets were free. Nominations are free. Your website will be judged without you putting your hand in your pocket. A ticket for the night is also a magnitude less than other award functions but that’s no excuse. We think that 16 year old we keep mentioning should be able to afford 30 quid, sure they’d spend that on fags in a week. ;) If they don’t turn up that’s cool. We’ll post the award to them.

I think those prices are reasonable. About 8-10 times cheaper for a sponsor and 8-10 times cheaper for those that do wish to attend.

7 Responses to “Day 1, Screw up 1 – There is a charge for tickets”

  1. cgarvey says:

    I’d actually assumed there would be a charge on the door, and 30 quid seems reasonable given the costs associated with an event of this scale.

    The important goal of transparency is intact so long as winners can receive an award without forking out any money and that remains the case, as you’ve helpfully clarified.


  2. Ken McGuire says:

    Misunderstanding on my part but €30 is a most reasonable fee for the night, won’t hear any arguments from me.

  3. Sabrina Dent says:

    Ditto. Just because you didn’t state a ticket price doesn’t mean I assumed there wouldn’t be one – you did fine in my books. The critical thing for me is not that there be free entry for people, but that there be free nominations.

    Having said that… hmm, wonder if I can write my tickets off as a business expense…

  4. Rick says:

    In comparison to the likes of the Radio Awards? Tickets to go to that this year are €157.30 a pop….

  5. Steve says:

    €30 will hardly keep some youngins in fags for a few days let alone a week..and they would need fags for the night as well. Oh the stress…

  6. laura says:

    Mr Mulley should be given credit for his efforts and for a really very, very reasonable ticket price.

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