I can see you spamming

To the person who voted from the same IP and used the below details. I am going to delete every vote from that IP block including valid votes with valid emails. You are quite lucky I don’t name you, your company and your blog. It’s not just you either which is a shame and makes my job calculating the votes that little bit more difficult.

im jim@hotmail.com
tim tim@hotmail.com
fjim@hotmail.com fjim@hotmail.com
m@hotmail.com m@hotmail.com
ghfg@hotmail.com hghg@hotmail.com
iouyih@hotmail.com uhgughu@hotmail.com
676@hotmail.com 87y68@hotmail.com
pat pat@email.com 1


  1. that girl says:

    bloody hell – this is starting to look nearly as exciting as a byelection!

  2. Twenty Major says:

    Name and shame, I say. Or name and we’ll go round and kick the fuck out of them, I say.

  3. Ken McGuire says:

    I agree…. its taking the piss that that kind of carry on is happening. Happened with an online vote on the Liverpool website last year, bit competition, big prizes, some screwball registered hundreds of user accounts to vote for himself…

    Its either that or Irish politics kicking in somewhere?

  4. Sharon. says:

    ….I blame young Haughey . That fellow will do ANYTHING for an award .
    (Pot , Kettle …!)

    Sharon .

  5. fústar says:

    That’s quite sad and pathetic…though unsurprising.

    Maybe ‘naming’ and ‘shaming’ isn’t the way to go, but ‘implying’ and ‘decrying’ certainly is.

    Hopefully your denunciation has softened their cough somewhat.

  6. This is an outrageous and baseless attack on the democratic process.

    I happen to be good friends with “im jim”, “tim tim”, “fjim” and the rest of his rhyming cousins.

    I’d know the others to see; I do know that poor old “iouyih” has had a hard old time settling in over here. Every time he introduces himself at a cocktail party…well, people just assume he’s complaining about an ingrown toenail. I told him that the best way to avoid all that shit is to vote in the blog awards.

    And now look what’s happened to him.

    I do agree with the naming and shaming of “pat pat”. Two ends of a hoor and no mistake.

  7. saint says:

    Some one is in need of attention

  8. Joe says:

    Spamming eh! oh well, remove the votes and that solves the problem. If you want to go further maybe we should consider drug testing! or maybe ban smoking!

    Lets not get too frickin Anal!

  9. frankp says:

    How bizarre. People are so strange.

  10. Kevin says:

    I’m with Twenty on this, kick them in the ovaries. Unless they voted DL.

  11. Dave says:

    Lets put it this way, if the person gets into the top5, the judges will…. well, not look to nicely on the entry.

    Name them! Or hint their name!

  12. JL Pagano says:

    How about everyone send an email to all the addresses with a picture of Nelson Muntz going “Ha-ha!”.

  13. Kevin says:

    Twenty don’t be so hostile here, this is a team effort.

  14. copernicus says:

    He must have used pat pat@email.com1 in homage to Pat O’Connor Pat O’Connor the most famous personator of them all, so well done on that score.

    On a related point, I sent an email to several colleagues at work soliciting votes for a couple of sites, not least to help get the numbers above 1,000. While they will all have come from the same IP, I assume this was a legitimate form of cavassing. Honorably, I only voted from home myself.

  15. MacDara says:

    That carry on is runing the reputation of Irish Bloggers everywhere next thing A nation once again will be the best English song ever.

  16. Twenty Major says:

    Kevin – I missed the ‘Muntz’ and was wondering why a picture of the great admiral would serve any purpose.

  17. Gerry says:

    Note to self. Next time use more convincing email addresses. Damn